“I am an Aquagirl” says Jacqueline Fernandez in her latest Vlog!

Jacqueline fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most loved Bollywood celebrities, and has ventured into the digital space and started her own youtube channel, where she connects with her fans and gives a sneak peek into her daily life. Recently, the actress uploaded a vlog giving the audience an insight into her birthday. in addition to this vlog, the charmer uploaded part 2 of her birthday celebration. the actress took to social media to make the announcement of her new vlog, raising her fan’s inquisitiveness.

The video “travelankas” was dropped on her youtube channel last night and it has already garnered a huge viewership. As a water baby, Jacqueline is seen indulging in some water activities in this vlog and tags herself as ‘Aquagirl’. Jacqueline rung her birthday with her friends and family in her hometown in ‘Sri Lanka’ and its a treat to look at. the highlight of this video is the tattoo she got as a souvenir of remembrance for the epic and buoyant trip.

Sharing the video on her youtube channel, she wrote,”This trip to Sri Lanka was full of fun and frolic. I not only enjoyed my birthday with an endless number of cakes in the presence of my lovely peeps. My new tattoo shall always remind me of the magical times I had on this trip!

Hope you guys enjoy,

Love Jacqueline.”

Touted to be the most influential social media celebrity, Jacqueline Fernandez enjoys a strong fan following on all social media platforms. In a span of less than 2 months, nearly 264k people have subscribed to her channel and there have been more than one million views for all her videos to date.

Jacqueline Fernandez is venturing into the OTT space with her upcoming works titled ‘Ms. Serial Killer’ and ‘Drive’

Helmed by Sajid Nadiadwala, Jacqueline is all set to appear on the big screen in Kick 2 and recreate her sizzling chemistry with Salman Khan.

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