I AM BOLEYN Is Everything We Need Today

I AM BOLEYN Is Everything We Need Today

A new female force is here, meet I AM BOLEYN. The synth-pop artist has been dazzling crowds in London, New York and Los Angeles with her deep and dreamy work. Channeling her inspirations Robyn, Goldfrapp, Florence and The Machine and, not so obviously, Stevie Nicks, this queen is here to stay. Read on…

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I Am Boleyn talks to us about what exactly inspires her inimitable new sound. Multiple record labels fighting to sign her.

“It’s very difficult to write a song about love. We thought about a different way of looking at love. The question Limit of Love asks is, ‘What would you find out about someone else or what is there in yourself that you’re trying to keep secret that might be the limit of the love in a relationship?’” she says. “Obviously if you want to really give yourself to someone and let them love you then you have to tell them things that maybe you’re not proud of. It’s like that last little bit of yourself that you have to give over.”

As the busy new face of fashion in New York, I Am Boleyn carves out some special time to work on her catalog. She splits her time between London and Stockholm, Sweden, where she collaborates with the production collective FMLY Sthlm (Family Stockholm). Distancing herself from a hectic life in London enables the rising star to create such mystical music:

“I think that’s why I love going to Stockholm to write because when I’m at home it’s really difficult to switch off because you’re constantly thinking about what you have to do later or whether you should see someone or whatever,” she says. “But in Stockholm I literally know only the three people I write with and nobody else so I can just really zone in and focus on songs I want to write. Normally it starts with a lyric idea like a theme and I build it from there.”

I Am Boleyn has been performing across the East and West coasts of the USA, mesmerizing star-studded crowds wherever she plays.

Be sure to check out I Am Boleyn on Spotify for her new take on synth pop music.

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