I am a fan of SidNaaz: Shehnaaz Gill’s father Santokh Singh

Sana Farzeen
Shehnaaz Gill father

Shehnaaz Gill's father Santokh Sing entered Bigg Boss 13 house on Thursday.

With the family week being celebrated on Bigg Boss 13, contestants got a chance to meet their loved ones. On Thursday, Shehnaaz Gill gleefully welcomed her father Santokh Singh in the house. Singh, who seemed to have quite an interest in the show, gave Shehnaaz some important tips to survive the game. While he lovingly met all the contestants, especially Sidharth Shukla, he did appear to be angry with Paras Chhabra, who according to him is his daughter's biggest enemy.

Post his entry in the Bigg Boss 13 house, Singh exclusively spoke to indianexpress.com. He said, “It was a wonderful time to be on the show. It's been so long since I have met Shehnaaz and I wanted to say so many things to her. However, with limited time, I could only converse on some important topics. I hope it helps her to better her game. Also, I even thanked the makers on camera for tolerating my daughter for so long.”

Unlike the promo of his visit, the loving father did not ask his daughter to put a brake on her relationship with Sidharth Shukla. Rather, he made her promise not to ever cry or hit herself. Clarifying his stand, Santokh Singh said, “The promo was quite misleading and fans were shocked. But I would have never done that. I really like their friendship, and I am a fan of SidNaaz myself. I enjoy their bond and fun moments. Yes, I did tell Shehnaaz that she should focus on the game. As a family, we are okay even if she loves him, but she should give the relationship a thought only after the show. For now, I told her to only concentrate on her performance.”

shehnaaz gill father sidharth shukla

Shehnaaz Gill's father pulled up Paras Chhabra for creating misunderstanding between Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz. He told him it was he who started all the 'jealousy' drama inside the house.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar last time, host Salman Khan had warned Sidharth Shukla that Shehnaaz Gill is in love with him, and he should keep a distance lest she gets hurt post the show. Supporting Khan's words, Singh said, “Salman sir has always cared for Shehnaaz. If he said those things, it was because he too must have felt that Sidharth has become Shehnaaz's priority. He also wanted her to focus on the game. And now that Sid is somewhere following Salman sir's words, it's actually good in the long run for both of them. Shehnaaz did ask me if she is being portrayed wrong on screen because of her closeness with him, and I told her that it's all fine. I wouldn't want her to suddenly cut away from Sid but then they both need to focus more on the game.”

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Gill's father was also adamant that she should keep a distance from Paras Chhabra, and wouldn't even mention his name. When asked about the same, Santokh Singh shared, “I really dislike him, not just as a contestant but also a human being. He has used the women in the house to reach so far, and yet never respects any of them. Once he is out, women around would be treating him like Swami Om. He was the one who started the jealous topic and now it's blown out of proportion. Other than him, I like everyone and wished them all good luck for the remaining period of the show.”

Time and again, Shehnaaz Gill has been accused of faking the cuteness and innocence for the show. Defending his daughter, the father said, “She is not faking a bit. Even at home, when she would get bored, she would get on to these antics. And she does the same kind of fun even on the show. When Himanshi Khurana had entered the house, she had called her an actor. Salman Khan back then told Himanshi that no one can act for so long. Similarly, I would say that if people feel Shehnaaz is still a fake, she should be given the best actor award. Anyone who has known her would vouch for the fact that she is just the same in real life. The best part is that she doesn't entertain consciously. Her normal conversations become funny because of the way she talks.”

shehnaaz gill father

Shehnaaz Gill met her father during family week.

While Santokh Singh his hoping his daughter comes back home with the trophy, he is happy with whatever she has achieved so far. He said, “When Shehnaaz was going for Bigg Boss, she told me she would survive for a couple of weeks. So not just us, but she herself did not imagine to go so far. It's been more than three months, and she is doing so well. I get messages from across the world saying how much they love her. Back in my hometown, people usually go to bed early. But now they stay awake till late night to watch their Punjab ki Katrina Kaif. Everyone is so proud of her, and now we are all hoping that she comes back with the trophy.”

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“Paras Chhabra, Rashami Desai and even Sidharth Shukla have all done reality shows earlier. My daughter is new to the format but she has still done so well for herself. Shehnaaz has all the qualities that a winner requires. She has been entertaining the most. She has never said no to any household chores. She performs all tasks and is so sporty even if she loses. She also loves every person in the house like a family. And most importantly, one doesn't need the trophy to be called a winner, she has won so many hearts. She is the ultimate champion for me,” Shehnaaz Gill's father concluded.