Amanda Redman reveals #MeToo experience when she was asked to strip for audition

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Amanda Redman has said British audiences should embrace sex scenes with older actors (Getty Images)

Amanda Redman has revealed she experienced her own #MeToo moment when she was asked to strip during an audition.

The New Tricks star recalled how she was asked to remove her clothes during an audition for a BBC show 40 years ago.

Redman, 62, told the Radio Times: “This was an audition for the BBC. I walked in and the guy said: ‘Those purple velvet jeans look lovely on you, but I think they’d look better on the floor, would you take them off please?’

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“I didn’t take them off, obviously. I burst into tears and I ran. I remember exactly who it was, but I won’t be saying. That was the norm then. I was 22 as well – a baby, really.”

English actress Amanda Redman, UK, 5th December 1984. (Photo by R. Jones/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Discussing sexism in the TV industry Redman also said that British audiences needed to embrace sex scenes between older actors on screen.

The Good Karma Hospital star said: “I was thinking about the fact that the Americans seem less frightened of intimacy between older couples.

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“I’m watching Madam Secretary and the two leads are in their late 50s and have a really healthy sexual relationship. And it’s not repulsive. We in Britain tend to shy away from that. There’s ageism involved there.

Amanda Redman has said there are not enough roles for older actresses (Getty Images)

“There are lots of actresses in their 50s who are wonderful, and they are nomads. Seriously. The men have a much easier time of it. They just do. And that makes me cross.”

Madam Secretary is a political drama series starring 54-year-old Tea Leoni.