Amar Sirohi: The pioneer of vegetarian food blogging on Instagram in India

When we think of vegetarian food, what usually comes to our mind is paneer and dal. But if you are following Instagram page- @foodie_incarante , which is owned and managed by Amar Sirohi, you will get to know more about the unexplored world of vegetarian food. Not only he posts images of droolworthy dishes, but the way those are represented can tempt even a hardcore non-vegetarian. If there is anything vegetarian in India, you will find it on his page - the plethora of vegetarian delicacies, from the hidden street food gems to the suave dishes from high end restaurants.

Amar started his page in 2014, when there were only a handful of people doing food blogging in India. He started posting unique vegetarian dishes from the restaurants he visited and grew a following of 10K on Instagram, a pretty big number by the standards of those days. Then he developed a passion for street food and explored the streets of Delhi finding hidden gems in every nook & corner of the city. He was the first person to bring the majority of street food dishes from old Delhi & east Delhi on Instagram. Street food was untouchable thing on food pages back then, but he started the trend of posting street food on Instagram which almost every single food blogger from Delhi and across India then followed & are still following.

His page grew leaps and bounds and soon he was having a following of over 100K. While he was discovering & bringing one street food gem after another, he did not keep his page only about the street food. His feed had a seaprate thread of vegetarian dishes prepared in high end restaurants & hotels. When India was just warming up to the trend of vegetarian meat (mock meat), he showed a variety of these which were available in only five star hotels back then. In July 2018, his page became the biggest vegetarian food page in India, having 159K followers.

But like every success story, he also faced a lot of roadblocks. His page was deleted and he has to start all over again. But such good is his content that he again grew a massive following of 124K in under an year's time. He expanded his content from Delhi-NCR to Mumbai, Amritsar, Agra, Mathura & Meerut as well. Just like what he did in Delhi, he explored the streets of these cities & he started posting dishes from these cities which people have never seen on Instagram.

What started as a passion has turned into a major income source for him but he still does it primarily for his passion of food. He has inspired countelss food bloggers in India, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike & majority of food pages on Instagram follow his style. He is one of the most celebrated name in the food blogging industry in India and he has no plan to stop. With his plan to cover the food in all the major Indian cities, only sky is the limit for his amazing blog.