Amazon Go: Buy groceries without cash! Jeff Bezos’ Amazon opens new cashier-less grocery shop

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With the latest technology, Jeff Bezos backed Amazon is expanding the retail presence of its Amazon Go grocery shop to a larger audience. The company has opened a new cashier-less grocery shop in Seattle which is an extension to its existing 25 convenience store concept for office workers. The company had started similar operations on a larger scale for the residential neighbourhood with the new retail outlet, which is expected to be four times the size of Amazon Go convenience store.

How does the cashier-less grocery shop work?
Similar to the existing concept, the company has introduced hundreds of shelf weight sensors and ceiling cameras to monitor the products. Customers are expected to download Amazon Go app which will be scanned upon entering the store. Shoppers, after selecting their required products, can collect and step out of the shop. Once they step out, the amount of the items purchased will be deducted through their credit cards, linked to the app. If the item selected is put back on the shelf, it is also removed from the customer's virtual basket.

What will be in store?
The new store will have around 5,000 items that will include individually packed groceries. However, there won't be a seafood or deli counter. The company has also hired some people for the store (not cashiers), who will restock the shop, greet people and check IDs for alcohol purchase. The store does not deliver orders.

Will this technology be brought to Whole Foods?
Amazon has not commented on whether this technology will be applicable to the Whole Foods chain that the company had acquired for $13 billion in 2017. Whole Foods currently have 500 stores across the United States. Amazon had acquired the company with a promise that it will slash prices but the Wall Street Journal has reported that the prices are going up again.