Ambareesh Continued To Smoke After His Treatment Despite Warning; Never Cared About Living Long!

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Ambareesh was known as the Rebel Star of Sandalwood for his fearless attitude. Often, fans and co-stars found him intimidating and thought twice before striking a conversation. Despite being a tough man, Ambi had a huge circle. Though he isn't with us anymore, one just cannot stop talking about this legendary actor. Recently, renowned journalist Ravi Belagere remembered Ambareesh during a press conference, during which he revealed that Ambareesh never really cared about his health or wished to live long. So much so that he continued to smoke despite warnings from doctors!

Ambareesh Was A Rebel

Ambareesh faced a few health complications and flew down to Singapore with his wife Sumalatha for the treatment. Apparently, the doctors had warned him not to smoke ever again. But, the first thing he did as soon as he got off the plane was light a cigarette.

He Didn't Care

Ravi Belagere, who was close friends with Ambareesh said that he never really cared about his health. "When we requested him not to smoke he wouldn't pay heed to our words saying he isn't worried about living more number of years."

Always Wanted To Party

Several people close to Ambi have shared that he simply loved partying. He would randomly call friends and ask them to come over for a drink and non-veg meal. Even during the film shoots, he would arrange food for the entire crew and eat only once they finished.

Ravi Cried Like A Baby

Ravi Belagere said that time and again he pleaded Ambi to give up his habits and take care of his health. But, the actor wouldn't listen. One day, Ambareesh called Ravi home for lunch and within a week he passed. The journalist mourned his loss as he remembered the memories with the Rebel Star.

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