Ameesha Patel questioned in Rs 2.5 cr cheque bounce fraud case by Jharkhand HC

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Ameesha Patel has been taken to court for a cheque bounce fraud case. The Jharkhand High Court retained the interim relief on Wednesday that was granted to the Bollywood actor, prohibiting any coercive action against her in the fraud case.

The petition was heard in Jharkhand High Court by Judge Anand Sen via video conferencing, where both parties were asked by the court to settle the matter via mediation. The court has directed both parties to file a written response in the next two weeks.

The actress has been accused by producer Ajay Kumar Singh of having him invest in a film that she later refused to be a part of. The producers' advocate informed the court that the matter should be tried to be resolved through mediation.

The ongoing case was first heard in the lower court and will now be challenged in the High Court. According to the petition, the producer had met the actress during an event in Harmu Housing Colony back in 2017, wherein the actress got him to invest in her movie Desi Magic for which the producer transferred Rs 2.5 crores in the actress's bank account. The actress, however, did not proceed with the film as was promised and did return the money either.

The complainant also accused the actress of cheating. The producer asked the actress to return his money, shortly after he was informed about the movies not being made. The producer noted that Patel had given him a cheque which later bounced.

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