Amid the coronavirus crisis, these parents are finding humour

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Parents need to make sure that they stay sane, too. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has imposed some travel restrictions, with countries and entire cities going into lockdown, so as to stop the spread of the virus. Amid all this, some people are finding their funny bones and making netizens laugh on Twitter. Many of them are parents, who are doing everything they can to ensure their children are safe and healthy. But, to make sure that they stay sane, too, they are bringing a dash of humour to the lives of people and fellow parents, who may have now begun to panic.

Look at some of these tweets, and find a reason to laugh out loud:





Whenever there is a pandemic, it is easy for people to get extremely flustered and anxious over it. The mental health can get negatively impacted, too. Which is why, doctors insist, that people stay away from a bombardment of information and trust only reliable sources. Also, it is essential to find some humour, especially when things look grim. Here are some more funny tweets:








Most of these tweets reflect on that fact that even when there is a global crisis, a parent continues to be a parent. And that it is okay for them to find some reprieve, too.