Amidst breakup rumours, Deepika Padukone praises Ranveer Singh's magazine cover

Ranveer Singh
and Deepika Padukone are the ‘it’ couple of B-Town. However, the two have never come out in open to accept their relationship, but it was their constant appearances together at many award shows and functions which had put the tag of them being the lovebirds. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s relationship has always been in the limelight. 

However, for a year now, their on and off relationship status have been doing the rounds. Just recently, reports came that the two went for a date night a few days ago at a high-end restaurant in the city, which ended up with them having a heated argument.   

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Amidst breakup rumours, Deepika took to Instagram to praise Ranveer’s GQ magazine cover. She said, “Ufff!!” The comment also had a heart emoticon. Does it mean the two have solved their issues and are back to normal?

Ranveer’s cryptic tweet a couple of days back also hinted at something is NOT right. He said he wasn’t available for the 3D trailer launch of Padmavati because he got stung by a bee followed by a cryptic tweet about his first day of the rest of his life. 

At the trailer launch of Padmavati, Deepika was present and Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoorweren’t a part adding fuel to speculation about the issues between the couple. “Deepika, Ranveer and Shahid Kapoor’s names were missing from Padmavati’s 3D trailer launch invite. In fact, the stars’ respective teams were also informed that the talent was not required for the event at all,“ said a source to leading daily. But, Deepika sprung up last moment without informing her co-stars which upset both of them. 

“DP was never supposed to attend the launch. That was what was conveyed to everyone else. But she sprung an unpleasant surprise when she chose to attend the event alone. She didn’t even bother informing her two co-actors, Shahid or Ranveer. What irritated the leading men, apparently, was the fact that neither of them had expressed unavailability. Shahid was home, while Ranveer was playing football. If they were informed in time, they would have also made it to the event,” the source added. 

The source also informed that Deepika’s move was because of her insecurity. “The trailer has released and Ranveer has walked away with all the compliments. People have spoken well about Shahid, too. But there has hardly been any chatter about Deepika. Even her Ghoomar song has not helped create any intrigue or interest about her character. The film is named after Deepika’s character, so she did this only to prove a point and take centre stage, which was completely wrong on her part,” the source said. 

This incident majorly shocked Ranveer, the leading daily’s source claims. “Ranveer was shocked. Forget Shahid because Deepika and he are just co-stars, how could she do this to her own boyfriend? This left Ranveer fuming, who also fired the team for doing this. He and Deepika aren’t really talking anymore post this,” the source asserted. 

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