Amir Syed of Animated Times tells us how to create viral content your audience will love

Viral Content is extremely unpredictable, at least this is what seems to be the case for most content creators these days who are putting in every ounce of their resources to create content that people can relate to.

So in era where websites like youtube, facebook, instagram are dominating the content game, where anyone with a decent internet connection is able to churn out content, how can you stay ahead of the game?

Amir Syed, founder of Animated Times, which is now one of the leading entertainment portal, with a global audience reach in millions, has a few pointers which will give you an insight on how to establish your brand and keep up with the trends in an already saturated market.

According to Amir, You could have two very similar pieces of content with one receiving huge no. of shares and driving a ton of traffic and other fading away in obscurity.

Its not like theres a switch which can be flipped to get massive amount of exposure, it doesnt work like that, but theres are several things one can do to increase the chances of your content getting viral.

I had an opportunity to sit down with him and get a peek at his process of understanding and creating content that resonates with the audiences and here are his top two tools, that will help you ace your content game.

Using Google Trends To Understand Current Trends And Preferences

Google trends is one of the most common free tool that is used very frequently for gauging peoples interest and identifying the most viral topics at any given moment in time.

You just simply have to go to the Google Trends homepage and start scrolling down to see the stories that are currently trending on the internet.

This might give you a head start by making you aware of the potential ideas to work with, of course the trending stories featured on the homepage arent narrowed down by topic or niche, so youre dealing with a huge variety of subject matter.

But sometime thats more than enough, if you see something that intrigues you, click on It, you will then get more relevant articles which will provide further clarification on whats trending at present.