Amrita Singh gives away one bad habit of Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan she doesn't like

Siblings Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan recently appeared for their first magazine cover together. The latest cover of Hello Magazine featuring the two went viral. Sara also said that unlike other siblings, they never fought a lot, probably because Ibrahim was 5-year younger to her! Mother Amrita Singh opened up on her two children, and what she admires the most in them.

'Sara is a very God-loving child and has immense respect for every belief. She is also an extremely disciplined girl, be it her work or her mind and body, I see the effort she puts in every day to keep the balance and that’s really commendable,’ an Instagram post by the magazine quotes Amrita.

And what about Ibrahim? She called Ibrahim a kind, gentle soul who can face the harshest reality with a smile and has extremely strong willpower.

But Amrita also gave away that one habit of both her children that she doesn’t like! She called both of them extremely messy and untidy…LOL! Too many moms are going to relate to this…

Sara and Ibrahim, if you are listening, it’s time to tidy up a bit!

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