Anand Deverakonda Talks About Sibling Rivalry with Vijay Deverakonda

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Telugu actor Anand Deverakonda has opened up about the sibling rivalry he shares with his superstar brother Vijay Deverakonda, saying there is no rivalry except in sports.

"Except in sports, we don't have any kind of rivalry. We get along very well. We are more friends than brothers. But when it comes to playstation games or cricket, volleyball or badminton -- we go all out and try to beat each other," he said.

Anand is back on screen in the new Telugu comedy drama, "Middle Class Melodies". The film is a comedy is directed by Vinod Ananthoju and also stars Varsha Bollamma, and has released on Amazon Prime Videos.

Earlier he opened up about the comedy drama he told IANS, "I think humour is an easy way to sell but it's easier said than done while acting. Making a comedy-based movie is really hard to do."

He added: "Directors like Priyadarshan were very proficient in making such movies. So, even in this movie we take the hardships of middle class lives and show it in a lighthearted humorous manner, so the audience will sit back and enjoy it. It's easier to sell humour."

Talking about working in a film like Middle Class Melodies, Anand said he enjoyed himself thoroughly.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Right from the narration until now it has been a wonderful experience. Even while watching the film, I thoroughly enjoyed it as an audience. I am waiting for the audience to watch it and get some feedback," he said.