Anand Mahindra Has Found the Perfect Meme to Express Our Frustration with Webinars

Anand Mahindra does not like webinars and he makes no bones about it. Despite the coronavirus pandemic changing the world and the way we communicate, the Mahindra Group chairperson has previously made it clear that webinars are not his favourite.

And now, the Twitter-savvy industrialist has found a new way to sum up his desperation - with a Bollywood meme.

Taking to the microblogging platform on Friday, Mahindra shared a meme featuring Salim and Anarkali from the cult 1960 film 'Mughal-e-Aazam'.

In the meme, Salim seems to be waking up a sleeping Anarkali, as was shown in the film, but the dialogues were somewhat tweaked. "Wake up, Anarkali. The webinar is over," Salim seemed to be telling Anarkali.

An amused Mahindra shared the meme while describing Anarkali's condition as "Webinarcoma" - a coma induced by webinars.

"Numerous friends shared this meme with me after reading about my frustration with ‘webinars.’ Seems like a new medical condition called a Webinarcoma," Mahindra tweeted.

Previously, the businessman has expressed his own frustration with increasing webinar invitations as the world observed social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "If I get one more invitation to a 'webinar' I might have a serious meltdown." Mahindra said, further adding, "Is it possible to petition for banishing this word from the dictionary even though it was a relatively recent entrant?"

Mahindra's tweet has since garnered over 12,000 likes and over a thousand shares.