Anand Mahindra Offers Internship to Millionaire's Son Who Left Home to Wash Dishes in Shimla

Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra, who has a penchant for finding and encouraging talent wherever he sees it, has found a new muse to nurture. And this time, it is the son of millionaire businessman Rakesh Thakkar's son Dwarkesh Thakkar.

The 19-year-old heir to the Gujarat-based oil baron was missing since October until he was reportedly found washing dishes in Shimla in November. According to a report in Times of India, the boy had run away from home to protest against studies and to prove his potential in the real world.

The boy's tale so impressed Mahindra that he offered Dwarkesh an internship in his company.

"I admire this young man...he wanted to strike out on his own," the businessman wrote on Twitter. "He may just seem like an eccentric runaway but he could also be tomorrow's successful, independent entrepreneur," he added.

Mahindra further announced that he would be happy to offer Dwarkesh an internship.

Reacting to the offer, Dwarkesh told TOI that he though his future was as yet undecided, the internship was a "great opportunity" and he would definitely take it.

The news of the offer overjoyed Rakesh Thakkar as well who was delighted his son had received an offer from none other than Mahindra himself.

Now that's a rag to riches story with a twist.