Anand Singh Reigns With His Inundating Know-How on SaaS With PieSocket

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"Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” Daniel Bell gave this quote decades ago but it is hugely relevant to this ever advancing age where technology is enabling us to live our lives more conveniently.

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Driving this technology to bring huge reforms in the internet space with SaaS solutions is Anand Singh. A tech geek turned entrepreneur of mind, Anand Singh from a very young age became attracted to the world of internet and tried to explore the various nits and bits that amass the world of the internet.

He was passionate towards having a career in software technologies therefore he landed the first opportunity of his life at Wittyfeed, World's 2nd largest content company. After getting his hands on information on various aspects of cloud technologies, Anand Singh realised his dream of becoming the founder of a stalwarthy company called Betacloud.

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Anand Singh is also the youngest mentor of Smart India Hackathon, a govt organized national event which is hailed as the world's biggest open innovation model and has won the hackathon in the year 2017.

Not only this, Anand Singh is the CEO of the leading firm PieSocket, which has more than 1000 corporate customers, 100 of which are enterprises which are delivering 1 billion messages per day. Anand Singh has been on board of multiple companies such as BetaCloud Pvt Ltd and SaaS Village LLP because of his impeccable SaaS know how.

Certainly, the visionary entrepreneur and technocrat who is redefining cloud-based solutions for multiple firms and tech geeks is receiving accolades for his strides in this direction. The professionalism and strong work ethic of PieSocket is being sweared by scores of their clients and is breaking boundaries with its execution.

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