Anat Barzilay: Redefining Creative Solutions With Chime Digital

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Founded in 2015 by Anat Barzilay, Chime Digital provides a one-stop, full service solution to cater to your marketing needs. As Executive Director and Digital Campaign Architect, Anat specializes in creating unique and compelling campaigns. With over thirty years of involvement in the marketing industry, she has extensive experience in contextualization, content integration and showcasing and promoting businesses. Anat has worked with a range of high profile advertisers in almost every consumer category and she can distill the complex digital landscape into an effective strategy for your brand. Anat brings a high level of professionalism, dedication and passion to every project on which she works.

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Throughout her career, Anat has been recognized by the Broadcast Executive Society for excellence in prospecting and sales. Additionally, after the inception of Chime Digital, her Phone It Forward campaign for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind was acknowledged in industry publications such as Strategy and Adweek.

In 1984, Anat graduated from A.Y Jackson Secondary School and began selling television advertising at the age of 19 for Citytv. She was the first woman hired for television sales and this remained true for the following two years. CHUM Television eventually purchased Citytv, whereupon Anat began representing CHUM property such as Bravo and MuchMusic. Finally, Rogers purchased Citytv’s conventional television stations and during her time working for Rogers, Anat focused on PR and content integration for Breakfast Television and CityLine. Following 29 years in the industry, she resigned and continued on to establish Chime Digital in 2015.

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