Anderson Cooper's beard gets mocked by Conan O'Brien and Twitter

Conan O’Brien joined Anderson Cooper on Monday night to promote his upcoming Conan Without Borders special, Conan in Greenland, a response to President Trump’s recent interest in purchasing the country from the Danish government. But, their discussion was quickly sidetracked by Anderson’s new facial hair.

In an attempt to share a Greenland experience of his own, the typically clean-shaven Cooper asked Conan if he used a “shigloo” bathroom during his travels throughout the Danish country. Conan jokingly responded, “Are you OK, Anderson? Is it the beard? What’s going on with you? Are you having a breakdown of some kind?

Conan continued to tease the CNN anchor about his beard. “You look like a very tidy wizard,” joked Conan, adding, “It looks like you briefly dipped your chin into a sugar bowl.”

Anderson credited his recent nine-day vacation for the beard growth while citing fellow CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer for the inspiration. “I call it the Blitzer beard challenge,” said Cooper.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, viewers had a field day responding to the Silver Fox's new look. Unfortunately for Anderson, some of those viewers weren’t as receptive as Conan.

And though Twitter had its fair share of beard haters, Anderson would be happy to know there was also a lot of beard supporters.

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