'Andhera Andheri': Mumbai's Power Outage Has Led to Hilarious Puns on Twitter

Buzz Staff
·2-min read

Massive power outage in Mumbai on Monday morning plunged the city in crisis-like situation as normal life got interrupted. The local trains were halted, exams have been delayed and chief minister Uddhav Thackeray has ordered a probe into the unexpected power cut that happened for the first time in almost two years.

As the disruption in power supplies hit the city, political leaders started taking potshots at the Maharashtra government and people decided to light up their dark day with memes. People from other towns and cities where power cuts are a norm took to Twitter and poked fun at Mumbaikars for facing their fate. Mumbaikars, on the other hand were seen joking how the blackout made them value the 24*7 electricity supply.

But a few puns are hitting the bulls eye even as electricity has been restored in the city. Along expected lines, Andheri (an area in MUmbai) is being juxtaposed with andhera (darkness), to make jokes on the blackout. 'Pawar failure' is another pun that is tickling the funny bone on Twitter.

The power outage lasted for two hours and caused delays in several services. The failure was caused by "technical problems" during maintenance work, the energy minister of Maharashtra said in a video message. Power has now been restored to many areas of the city, officials said.

CM Thackeray discussed the issue with Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut and asked him to make immediate efforts to restore supply in the MMR. An official statement said Thackeray took serious note of the power outage and ordered an immediate probe into it.

Mumbai's international airport and the country's two main stock exchanges located in the city, the National Stock Exchange and BSE, said they were operating normally.