Aneri Vajani Shares How She Is Celebrating Her Birthday Amidst Coronavirus Spread- EXCLUSIVE PICS INSIDE

TV actress Aneri Vajani, who is currently playing Pranati Mishra on Colors TV show Pavitra Bandhan, is celebrating her birthday today. However, the celebration is a bit different than every year due to the Coronavirus impact. But the pretty actress is not at all sad about it. 

Aneri Vajani exclusively told, "My birthday started with my sister baking a cake for me which I cut with my family last night. And since morning my mother is busy in kitchen as she is preparing a seven course meal for me of what I like, as they have nothing to do (laughs). This birthday is the most unique birthday because every year, first half of the day, I am with my family and second half is dedicated to my friends. But this year, I m not going to meet anybody. Nobody was standing at my door in the night to cut a cake with me or wish me. Although I don't mind it. It's good that people are taking this 21-day lockdown seriously. As for my birthday, I would say. I am a person who always feels very enthusiastic and excited about her birthday. So, surely this year birthday is different for me." 

The gorgeous actress also said that she misses being on the sets of her show, "I like working on my birthdays. So, I was expecting to be on my set and celebrate with my Pavitra Bhagya team this year but it couldn't happen because of the current situation. I miss it but don't regret as safety should be our priority right now. I would like to give out a message to those who are sharing the same birth date with me that celebrating by going out or calling friends over at home is definitely not a good idea right now. Birthdays will keep coming every year. Your life is more important than any special day."  

Aneri concluded by appealing to everyone to take the lockdown seriously. She added, "I would request my fans to see what is happening around the world. And understand how crucial the condition is and we are lucky to be locked between our family members and save ourselves. Whereas there are countries who are not having enough space to bury the dead bodies. I appeal please don't step out and take all the precautions so that we can win against Coronavirus and those upcoming birthdays can be celebrated without any stress. Let's not be selfish. Be at home and enjoy these moments with family."

Image Source:- instagram/vajanianeri

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