Angad Bedi’s training routine is perfect for fitness lovers in recovery phase

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Angad Bedi is using therabands to improve strength after injury. (Photo: Angad Bedi/Instagram;designed by Gargi Singh)

The recovery period after an injury is one of the most difficult times considering it may take a lot of time to heal. However, that doesn't mean one stops working out and putting in efforts to bring back the lost strength. Highlighting this crucial aspect and more is actor actor Angad Bedi's recent Instagram post which talks about how his recovery sessions are instrumental in nursing himself back to health.

Take a look.

The 37-year-old, who is recovering from an injury that also required him to subsequently undergo a knee surgery, shared how he has started with physiotherapy and home training sessions.

"Started my phsyio and home training sessions under the guidance of @mirandabrinston and @umeshsuhil007 keep watching going to share my journey here with all of you."

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The Zoya Factor actor can also be seen working out with a red theraband which is known to improve strength and flexibility in the lower body.

What are therabands?

The three-inch wide continuous loop elastic bands, which are available in red, green and yellow, are considered ideal for strength and balance training. They have been used in rehabilitation and exercise therapy for a while now. Depending on one's body strength, the practitioner can keep changing the colour of the band.

How is the theraband resistance workout effective?

Weight-bearing exercises are a must for muscle and bone development, and resistance bands aid in providing the much needed muscle-building tension. What more? They can be used anywhere.

They are especially helpful when one is in the recovery mode as the theraband resistance workout is known to rehabilitate muscles and increase flexibility through simple but effective moves that focus on improving the range of motion in glutes, knees and hips. The bands come in a variety of strengths with yellow being of the lightest resistance and green being the hardest. One can easily pick up a thicker band for a harder workout, add more bands, or simply stretch the band more to add to the workout. While a heavy band can be used for strength, a lighter one can be used for endurance and conditioning.

The theraband workout is also known to improve muscular endurance and strength; help attain better posture, balance, co-ordination and helps you enjoy a low-impact workout that is easier on the joints. What else? Numerous workouts can be tried with the bands which help add variety to your fitness routine.

How to begin with it

These bands have been used by athletes for a long time. But for those recovering after an injury, it is best to consult the physiotherapist who can help you start with different types of resistance band exercises as per the body's recovery stage.