An Angel: Remo D'Souza Recalls Salman's Help After Heart Attack

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Choreographer Remo D'Souza has said Salman Khan stepped in to ensure he received the best care while he was hospitalised after suffering a heart attack in early December. In a recent interview, he said that his wife Lizelle called Salman as soon as he was rushed to hospital and the actor ensured he was well taken care off during his stay.

""We call him an angel as he has a heart of gold. I have have worked with him and I know the kind of gem that he is," Remo told Bombay Times in an interview. "He was also personally talking to the doctors," he added." -

Remo directed Salman Khan in Race 3 which released in 2018.

Remo also recalled the day he suffered a heart attack which struck just as he was about to work out with his trainer. While he was waiting for Lizelle to finish her exercise, he began to feel chest pains but initially dismissed them as acidity. When the pain persisted, he cancelled his work out. He said he began to cough when he stepped out of the elevator and felt like throwing up. His smart watch indicated that he might be unwell.

""The pain was something I had never experienced in my life. On reaching the hospital, we were told by the doctors that it was a major heart attack," he said." -

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The choreographer added that he had a blockage in his right artery and his heart was only working 25 per cent when he was admitted to hospital. Remo says he was taken aback by the incident and isn't sure what caused it. "They (the doctors) are trying to figure it out and I am dying to know. A lot of people think I take steroids, which is not true at all. I believe in having a natural body," he added.

(With inputs from Bombay Times)

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