Anger can be your ally: Mindfulness coach Juna Mustad

How often have you been told to control your anger? Coach and mindfulness facilitator Juna Mustad, however, pointed out in a Ted Talk that anger is not always destructive but can be constructive too.

Talking about how people respond when angry, Mustad remarked, "Because anger is such an uncomfortable emotion and highly stigmatised, we have not developed the tools to properly relate to and respond from this fiery emotion."

Anger can lead to aggression, name calling and even violence. Again, there are those who deny their anger. "When we stuff our anger...we stifle our true voice. Research has shown that suppressing anger can create a whole host of physiological issues that can be just as detrimental as our anger."

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Anger is not wrong, but it needs to be expressed in a healthy way. One of the ways to do so is by practising mindfulness defined as paying attention with kindness and curiosity, according to Dr Shauna Shapiro.

Mustad further explained the mindfulness tools that help in building a healthy relationship with anger — breathing, naming your emotions or trying to feel compassion when angry and so on.