Angry Fans of BTS' Jimin Send Protest Truck to Big Hit Entertainment Alleging Mismanagement

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Anyone familiar with K-pop band BTS knows about their fiercely dedicated ARMY of fans. Certain fans of band member Jimin are upset with the K-pop star's management and have raised their voice against their agency. Fans have sent protest trucks voicing their disappointment towards the band's management agency Big Hit Entertainment.

A fan group called Mochi Union (@guardiansofpjm) on Twitter shared photos of the protest trucks stationed in South Korea. The fan group has accused the management company of mismanaging Jimin and preventing him from rising. The group also accused the agency of not protecting the idol from malicious comments and rumours.

The protest truck displayed the phrases, "Big Hit should plan various individual promotions to fit Jimin's exceptional and outstanding talent," "Big Hit should stop suppressing him and stop hiding Jimin's achievements," "Big Hit should protect Jimin's rights," and "Sue all the antis who create and distribute malicious posts", reported

"Big Hit Entertainment, as an artist's agency, has been extremely inefficient in dealing with Jimin's antis, has no planning for Jimin's career, and even hides Jimin's achievements in order to suppress him. Since there is a serious negligence of duty, we decide to make a truck protest," the Mochi Union group said in a statement.

However, several other fans have pointed out that the ones who sent the truck are not fans but are actually antis. They have stated in an online community, "I don't understand why they are doing this. Jimin has been given much support by the company. He's been named one of the main dancers and main vocals in the team. Jimin gets a lot of line distribution in a lot of the BTS songs. He gets the center in interviews and advertisements. What more do they want?"