Anil Kapoor Gives Away Tiger Shroff And Disha Patani's Relationship Status In The Funniest Way; Teases, 'Uski Jo Woh Hai Na'

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Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani's peek-a-boo with the paparazzi and fans has been going on since a couple of years now. Well, the duo always dodges questions related to their rumoured love life or gets away with a diplomatic response, but their social media PDA and a streak of romantic getaways give it away. But, guess what? There's someone else in Bollywood who just confirmed that Disha and Tiger are indeed a couple. It's none other than Disha's Malang co-star, Anil Kapoor.

The Nayak star spilled the beans on The Kapil Sharma Show after the comedian asked him to name a Bollywood star, whose diet he would like to steal. To which, Anil took Tiger Shroff's name; however, since he hasn't worked with him yet, he has stolen his girl Disha's diet. "Lekin uski jo woh hai na (But his girl) Disha Patani, I have stolen her diet,” said Anil Kapoor. Now, that is how you reveal in the safest way!

During Bharat promotions, Disha was quizzed why hasn't she and Tiger publicly accepted their relationship yet. The actress jokingly said, “I’ve been trying for so long, it’s been so many years and I’ve been trying to impress him. Now I’ve done this film Bharat where I’m doing all these stunts and I thought maybe he’ll get impressed but no luck. Yeah, we go to eat but that doesn’t mean he’s impressed... but he likes everybody’s pictures like that. You must speak to him the next time. He’s shy and I’m shy so nobody’s breaking the ice.”

Only recently, Tiger and Disha had jetted off to the Maldives for a romantic getaway. Even though the couple didn't post their pictures together, they surely left enough hints for us to understand.

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