Here’s What Anil Kapoor Looks Back On The MOST From His Inspiring Journey!

Maithili Shinde
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“I always wanted to make my own path” says actor Anil Kapoor
As Anil Kapoor celebrates his birthday today, we look at excerpts of an interview from the audio show on ”KISSA KHWAABON KAA” Audible Suno where the veteran actor shares his four- decade long career, the many years of struggle and rejection and how he has managed to be both a National Award winning actor and an in-demand commercial actor.

“When I began my journey I never imagined if I would ever become a star or if I’ll have such a good family, my beloved children, a house, a car or more!”
Anil during the audio show reveals how he was always so passionate about his work and from the very beginning knew that he wanted to pursue acting. Though the one thing he wasn’t sure was if he could ever become a star. The actor in his journey so far has tried to keep a positive approach towards things and even while being compared to stars like Sanjeev Kumar he was satisfied.
The actor also shares how his family has started their journey from the ground. He remembers how all of his brothers including himself were born in a chawl where 8 families had 4 bathrooms to share. During Anil’s teenage years his father was diagnosed with a heart problem which was heart shattering news for the family. The actor also highlights how that became the reason why director Bonnie Kapoor and I started working at an early age and started taking care of production.
“I was very young when I first acted, it was 6th or 7th standard. I acted for a small role in Tu Payal Mai Geet and after the shoot went to school the next day with full make up on”
Remembering this incident, actor Anil Kapoor tells the reason for not removing his makeup. The actor wanted everyone at school to know that he is heading back from a shoot and was excited for all the publicity he was about to receive from his school mate. Linking to the same he also mentioned how the movies never got release and what motivated him even more after the failure is the fact that “Jo bachpan me stars bante hai wo bade hokar nhi bnte” He was happy that the movie never got release and also gave him his first experience.
“I always wanted to go to Pune University to learn acting but I failed the written exam.”
Talking about a low phase in career, here is what actor Anil Kapoor has to say. “Flop of Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja was my lowest point. It happened during the peak of my career. The movie took 5 years to make and we overspent on it. Till the time the movie was released its songs were out and stolen…from a positive wave it became a negative wave! It was a big financial setback for me, in fact more than me, Bonnie was more shaken and then he left the country for some time.” The actor mocked during the interview and also said that he came out of it by doing 2-3 more rubbish films!
Talking about the lessons Anil has learnt during his life and what he wishes to pass on to his kids the actor says “I don’t want to give them any lessons. Everyone needs to find their own path. My attitude is the same with them as my father’s was with me. All my kids have chosen what they wanted to do. Like Rhea, she is the only producer who makes fun oriented female films. Sonam joined as an assistant to director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali asked her to act instead. Today’s generation is different. They want to work hard and chill also.”