Ankita Bhargava Gives A Glimpse Of The Bonding Moment Of Mehr Karan Patel And Their Furbaby, Naughty (

When a couple embraces parenthood or is expecting to deliver soon, there is a long list of changes that need to be made before the baby is welcomed home. From making the house baby proof to buying stuff for the little one, the list is endless. And if you already own a pet, then it becomes a task for you to think how to make your little one and your fur baby become friends. For every pet parent, they aren't just 'pets', but an important member of the family. So, it becomes important for them that the pet and the baby become comfortable with each other. And fortunately for Karan Patel and Ankita Karan Patel, their four-legged baby and newborn daughter, Mehr Karan Patel have bonded well. (Also Read: Two Paparazzi Incidents Of Inaaya Naumi Kemmu And Taimur Ali Khan That Left Kunal Kemmu Worried)

It was on December 14, 2019, when Karan Patel and Ankita Karan Patel had embraced parenthood for the second time with the arrival of their daughter, Mehr Karan Patel. Karan and Ankita were already parents to their fur baby, Naughty Patel, a chocolate brown Labrador born in 2015. When Karan and Ankita had welcomed their daughter, Mehr, a picture of a pink-coloured baby elephant was posted on the excited big brother, Naughty’s Instagram handle and was written, “My Baby Sister and Best friend for Life is here.”

Baby Elephant

A few days back, Ankita Karan Patel had posted a picture of the personalised nameplate of Naughty Patel and Mehr Karan Patel. She had quoted Johnny Depp in the caption, “The Only Creatures That Are Evolved Enough To Convey Pure Love Are Dogs And Infants. - Johnny Depp #ourkids @karan9198.” And finally, Ankita gave a glimpse of the bonding moment of Naughty and Mehr. Expressing her joy, Ankita wrote, “My heart knew that this would happen one day.... #rabbdimehr #naughtypatel @iamnaughtypatel #babiesanddogs #babies #labradorretriever #chocolatebrownlabrador #foreverlove #bff #brother #sister.”

Mehr Karan Patel and Naughty Patel

In September 2019, Ankita Karan Patel had penned down a note for her fur baby, Naughty Patel and had revealed that he was the reason behind her sanity. Ankita’s poem could be read as “We have met before, Even before this lifetime had ever begun, Dunno what we were, But we were together! You were in a different robe and may be so was I, But I recognise your eyes and the way you look at me, Dunno what I called you then, But in this lifetime, You call me ‘Mamma’ And You are the reason behind my sanity! @iamnaughtypatel #love #soulmate #happiness #simpleliving #dogsaresoulmates.”

Ankita Karan Patel and Naughty Patel

In fact, when Ankita Karan Patel had shared the first-ever picture with her newborn daughter, Mehr Karan Patel on her Instagram handle, she had posted a family picture with Karan Patel and Naughty Patel too, happily posing for the camera. Sharing a picture with an all-Christmasy vibe, Ankita had written, “This is the Merriest Christmas Everrrrr!!! #NaughtyAndMehr #RabbDiMehr #merryxmas.” (Also Read: Ruslaan Mumtaz And His Wife Nirali Mehta Celebrate Her Baby Shower Ceremony On Their 6th Anniversary)

Ankita Karan Patel, Karan Patel, Mehr Karan Patel and Naughty Patel

If a Bollywood Life report is to be believed, Karan Patel wasn’t an indulgent dog lover and it was only after his marriage to Ankita Karan Patel that he became fond of dogs. Ankita as always been an ardent dog lover and is also associated with an NGO, which takes care of stray dogs. To announce the arrival of baby Patel, Ankita had posted a picture with her four-legged jigar ka tukda and had written, “We got 'NAUGHTY'! Yeah... Dats what we r gonna call our Lil baby boy! NAUGHTY.”

Ankita Karan Patel and Naughty Patel

Ankita Karan Patel’s love for dogs is quite evident on her social media and on Naughty Patel’s second birthday, she had gotten his best friends, the stray dogs to make Naughty’s birthday special. Speaking of animal welfare and stray dog protection, she had written, "Indian Dogs Have an equally beautiful heart....As beautiful as my Naughtu's or as beautiful as your pet at home. There are 6 IndiBreeds in front of my house and 4 outside that I feed every night. And since @karan9198 & I are big fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S we have named our street dogs Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Monica & Chandler These kids are Naughtuz friends and were also a part of his birthday celebrations! They had a lovely dinner meal that evening! The fact is when I go for a stroll in the night they walk behind me like my body guards, When I return home late at night, I feel secured in my lane cos they surround me and give me protection. All they want is some food and lil love and a lil touch.... That’s all! If u cant give them a home then atleast give them food once a day. ALWAYS keep a cement bowl in front of your house filled with fresh water. Just keep an eye on them in general if they r healthy or not, If they have gotten hurt or something.... just be Aware.”

Ankita Karan Patel

Her note could be further read as “Don’t worry about people who will scold u and threaten u about feeding strays, There is a law which protects feeders. Just don’t mess around the area where you feed, Keep it clean and away from kids play area or where people generally Sit or walk around. Handle situations Nicely and politely, don’t get enraged if someone argues about feeding cos such people harm the mute strays physically in order to get back at you. Be discreet about feeding. Don’t take unnecessary pangaz, No need! And yes all the NGOs agree that PARLE G Biscuits are safe for street dogs, Think about it, they eat from garbage, Rotten stuff and what not and we are worried about lil sugar from PARLE G?!? They have surpassed all levels of immunity. Also One pack of PARLE G gives them energy to survive 3days with no food. Please always feed a lactating Mother.ALWAYS And yes,Love comes in all Shapes ,Sizes and Breeds P.S Street Dogs are less Dirtier on the outside than a lot of Human Beings on the inside, So please don't bother about a lil Dirt on their Bodies....It is Safer than A lot of other Dirt in our Society." (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan Shares A Priceless Moment As His Son, AbRam Draws An Adorable Picture Of Him)

Ankita Karan Patel, Karan Patel and Naughty Patel

We can’t wait to see Mehr playing around with her big brother and best buddy, Naughty!

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