Ankur Raghav knows how to find young talent and promote them in Bollywood

The Internet has given and different platform to showcase talent. Some people are becoming huge famous on there Instagram and other channels with their emos, videos, pictures and all. One name out of all is buzzing high, and he is Ankur Raghav admin of Naught world on Instagram.

Ankur is a young and dynamic personality; he is and a real example of our time. His success has come from social media. Now he has become and brand, which is promoting young talent from various places whether it is an actor, singer or anything. Wow, people need a platform like Ankur is providing. Even a single post on his Naughty world page can make you famous in One day. He is that much popular name in social media.

He is planning to make a proper channel now where he will promoting young talents from various fields. He is also in talks with many directors and producers. Ankur also has a script with him, and he wants young and fresh star cast for his project.

Other than that he is looking to host events at various places where he can find more talented girls and boys. Ankur Raghav is also looking at many famous names in different apps like TikTok and other apps. Ankur will also organize and individual audition for people who are prominent in different apps. If he gets a good response, then he will surely start that project by year-end.

How good is that and smart it is to see people like Ankur Raghav finding various ways to grab talent make them superstars from real to reel.

It is great to see talent like Ankur Raghav is creating a new path for youngsters who wants to join acting and wants to do something good in their life. People like Ankur Raghav motivates talents in the right direction. We need more skills like Ankur Raghav who can handle upcoming talents so that they don't face depression in their life.