Anne Hathaway looks completely terrifying in behind the scenes clip of The Witches

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It probably takes just one mention of the Roald Dahl classic, The Witches, to make you think you need to check under the bed at night (us too, to be honest). But even though the story is still completely and utterly terrifying, for some reason we're really looking forward to the Warner Bros remake out later this year. And, thanks to Anne Hathaway sharing this horrifying behind the scenes clip from the film, we can start early on the horror - joy!

The Witches will follow the story so well-known to lots of us, in which a young boy and his grandmother end up having to fight to defeat a hotel full of witches who plan to turn all the children staying there into mice.

The film comes thirty years after the famed original, which starred Angelica Houston and probably still makes you grimace today. This time around, Anne Hathaway takes on the role of Grand High Witch, alongside a Jahzir Bruno as the boy. Hollywood legends, Octavia Spencer and Stanley Tucci also star.

In the run up to the films release later this month Hathaway posted a video to her Instagram which included behind the scenes clips of her giving her movie on the story as well as clips from the film itself, one of which showed her transformation into Grand High Witch close up, and it's utterly terrifying.

Photo credit: Anne Hathaway - Instagram
Photo credit: Anne Hathaway - Instagram

The film has been hyped for months with a cinematic release planned, but with increased uncertainty as a result of the pandemic, Warner Bros was forced to change plans and launch the film on HBO Max instead. The film is confirmed for launch in the US on October 22nd, with cinematic and further release dates to be announced later.

Meanwhile, UK viewers can rent the film for 48 hours from Monday 26th October on various on demand platforms, thought to include Amazon Prime and Google Play store, among others.

We're both terrified and excited. What a mish-mash of emotions.

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