Annup Sonii on coronavirus outbreak: Everyone needs to contribute a little to fight the crisis

Mimansa Shekhar
anup soni crime patrol

Annup Sonii ended his Facebook Live chat with his signature sign off from Crime Patrol – “Apna khayal rakhein, surakshit rahein, aur sabse zaruri, satark rahein.” (Photo: Annup Sonii/Instagram)

Annup Sonii recently went live from the Facebook page of The Indian Express, where he spoke about the 21-days lockdown and self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The actor began by asserting that it was important for every citizen to contribute towards fighting the pandemic. “The only solution is stay indoors, keep hygiene and wash hands. India is doing what it can to the best of its ability. The population is so high here, hence everyone needs to contribute a little to fight the crisis. The first thing is obviously to ensure that we stay at home, keep our emotions under control and not get over-excited. We need to avoid going out as this lockdown is a difficult time for all of us as a nation,” Sonii said.

While Annup Sonii urged his fans to donate masks and sanitizers to the underprivileged, he also asked everyone to look at the bright side. “We should look at the positive side. We must think that we are locked inside our homes with all the facilities – electricity, internet, TV. That’s the bright thing. So have gratitude for that. Spend time with your family, play games with your kids. You won’t get a better time at home,” he said.

On being asked how actors like him are finding this phase, Sonii shared, “Work from home doesn’t work for us actors because what can we do sitting at home. As an actor, I am trying to watch good films with good performances from which we actors can also learn something. I am trying to write something. I do keep getting ideas but could never write it down whether it is a story, a short play or a screenplay for a film. So I am trying to pen down all the ideas. Then I will see if I can elaborate it depending on how interesting they are.”

Annup Sonii also revealed that he will be seen in several web series this year, along with some movies. “All the roles are different. You’ve never seen me playing such characters before. But I can’t reveal much right now,” he said.

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The actor is known for hosting crime series Crime Patrol, which has been running on television since 2003. Claiming the show is relevant now more than ever, he said, “The message that we conveyed through Crime Patrol, now is the time to implement it at every level." Sonii also revealed how the show came his way. "The makers had approached me with the idea ten years back, and it had appealed to me. But we never knew it would go on for this long and will get so much appreciation. Besides the show’s intention and approach, I think the honesty worked with the audience,” he said.

The actor-host ended his Facebook Live chat with his signature sign off from Crime Patrol – “Apna khayal rakhein, surakshit rahein, aur sabse zaruri, satark rahein…”

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