Another Covid-19 Wave In China Reports First Death Due To Virus In Last Eight Months

Rutunjay Dole
·1-min read

China reported the first ever Covid-19 death on Thursday from last eight months following another wave in the country especially in the north region. China has successfully brought the virus under control after needed steps like strict lockdowns, mass testing and travel restrictions, but recent weeks have seen numbers climbing again, especially in the north.

The national health commission has reported 138 infections on Thursday; the highest single day tally since March last year. Health Authorities didn’t share any details about the latest death, except that it occurred in Hebei province, where the government has placed several cities under lockdown.

Authorities closed transport links, schools and shops in the Hebei’s capital city Shijiazhuang and launched a mass testing drive seeing the latest outbreak. Neighboring city Xingtai has also been under lockdown since last Friday, as have the five million people of Langfang city.

The northeastern city Heilongjiang declared as an emergency state on Wednesday, commanding the 37.5 million citizens to not to leave the province unless absolute necessary.

The death comes on Thursday as the country is waiting for the expert investigation team from World Health Organization who will start a sensitive investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic. The 10-strong team is expected to arrive in Wuhan on Thursday.