This best-selling anti-ageing cream is currently half price

Olay's £14 Regenerist cream has numerous five star reviews [Photo: Amazon]

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Feel like you’ve tried every anti-ageing moisturiser available with no luck? We may have just found the solution.

Olay’s Regenerist Anti-Ageing Night Cream is currently Amazon’s number one best-selling face cream with over 1,696 reviews - 72% of customers rating the product five stars.

The best part? It doesn’t come with a luxury price tag. The £30 cream is currently on sale for just £14.14. That’s a saving of over £15.

The moisturiser has a unique anti-ageing formula, which penetrates through 10 layers of the skin’s surface for optimised results. It hydrates to help improve elasticity, firms to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and regenerates skin’s surface cells for a more youthful appearance.

It also includes Hyaluronic Acid to help target the three areas most prone to ageing: eyes, jaw line and neck.

Olay Regenerist 3Point Firming Anti-Ageing Night Cream Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid [Photo: Amazon]

“As a women who’s nearing the 60 mark and getting many compliments on my skin condition for my age I would say this cream does what it says....I’ve used it twice a day for several years” said one raving review.

“Each time a new 'miracle' cream comes out, I try it, but I always come back to this, as this works better than any other at smoothing out my skin. Good value for money too as it's much cheaper than on the high street” reads another.

Other customers praise the cream for making their skin look plumper, brighter and lifted.

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Whilst some are unsure of the creams anti-ageing effects, many still say it’s a great purchase as it makes their skin feel smooth.

“My skin hasn’t been so smooth the consistency is quite thick and when you apply it during the night it is like a second skin.”

Another customer comments: “moisturiser leaves skin so soft it soaks beautifully into the skin and non greasy too.”

Tempted to give another anti-ageing cream a go? So are we.

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Olay Regenerist 3Point Firming Anti-Ageing Night Cream Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid | £14.14 | Shop here

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