Anubhav Sinha drew references from women in his life for his next; ‘Thappad’, a tale of many!

Rajendra Pal

The second trailer of Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad starring Taapsee Pannu was recently released and is being appreciated for its unique concept by the audience and the critics alike. Every point of the two trailers released holds resonance with the audience and more so, with the females. Director Anubhav Sinha has included real-life instances in the film while he drew references from the lives of women around him.

The film will carry real-life instances and experiences which will be showcased in the stories of all six characters in ‘Thappad’. The director made sure that he captures the realities of each one of such experiences, keeping them as realistic and relatable.

“Thappad- Bas itni si baat?”, the dialogue itself captures the strong storyline. The movie traces stories of six women and their relationships where Sinha has taken inspiration from the women that he knows in real life for this story. The much-awaited film, Thappad is being produced by Anubhav Sinha and Bhushan Kumar starring Taapsee Pannu and will release on 28 February 2020.

The film has an extremely critical storyline and the director’s vision will bring the best, yet again after Mulk and Article 15 which received critical acclaim from all across as well as were hailed as two important films. Even with his earlier projects, the director has brought issues of relevance to the forefront and so he continues the legacy of significant subjects with Thappad as well.

Every asset from the film has struck the right chord with the audience- the heartwarming track, the poster which spoke a thousand words and now, the intricacies that Anubhav is making sure he brings with the storyline.

Rightly, recapturing what Sinha had to share earlier on how his friends could not believe that Thappad was made by a man, for the experiences it is all set to bring to the screen of the many women out there!

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