Anupam Kher Gets Emotional As He Talks About His Mother in a Post, Reveals She Had to Sell Her Jewellery to Keep the Actor in School

Ananya Swaroop
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Anupam Kher's mother is Instagram famous, thanks to all the cute photos and videos that the actor upload of her. It is pretty evident from all these posts that Kher and his mother share a great bond and how much respect he has for his mother. Anupam recently got a chance to talk about her and revealed to his fans how she has gone through so much trouble just to see her kids succeed. He also revealed how his mother had to once sell her jewellery just to be able to send him to a good school. Anupam Kher's Mother, Brother, Sister-in-Law and Niece Test Positive for COVID-19, the Actor Confirms He Has Tested Negative.

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He revealed, "I have vivid memories of Mom dropping me to school. Before leaving, she’d say, ‘Your best day is today.’ And as a kid, I believed it. It helped me dream; made me forget how poor we were. Papa only made 90 Rs. a month, so Mom had to sell her jewellery to put us into good schools.
But I was terrible at studies, so Mom was worried. If Papa was lenient, she’d say, ‘Zyada tareef mat karo’; she wanted to keep us focused." Anupam Kher Reacts to Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai Office Demolished by BMC, Says ‘It Is #Bullydozer, Not Bulldozer’.

He went on to say that his mother was responsible for shaping him as a person. He recalled an incident when he was 10 and a Sadhu came to school; Anupam Kher's mother had given him 5 paise to give to him. But instead, he spent 2 paise & kept the rest in his bag. He lied to his mother about it but when she later found out about the money, she made him stand outside his house for 3 hours until he confessed. This incident changed him as a person. "Her values were all I had when I came to Mumbai to be an actor with 37 Rs. At times I’d sleep on the platform, but never told her & when Mom fell sick, she didn't tell me; we both tried to protect each other. And after I started doing films, Mom kept me grounded, ‘No matter how high you fly, always be humble,'" the actor added.

He went on to talk about how he got into a habit of shooting his mother and putting his videos on social media. He expressed how fun it was for him to shoot her every day. While his mother might not be very fond of the attention that she is getting, Anupam has made sure she makes it to his Instagram one way or another.