Anupam Kher On Not Being Able To Bid Goodbye To Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan & Basu Chatterjee: 'There Is No Sense Of Completion'- EXCLUSIVE

In the last two months, we have lost many gems from the world of entertainment. Irrfan Khan died on April 29 after battling Cancer for 2 long years, and Rishi Kapoor passed away the next day on April 30, leaving a big void in the industry. And a day back, renowned filmmaker, Basu Chatterjee also breathed his last. 

We recently held an interview with Anupam Kher. During our conversation, we also spoke about the demises of these eminent personalities. Anupam, who has worked with all three in his career, expressed, "Any person leaving the world is shocking and the news is sad not just for family and friends but also for the fans and followers but unfortunately death is the only constant factor of life. 

It's not like death has happened only this year last year also deaths happened in the industry. But registration of the fact that we couldn't go and condole the family is more this time because of the current situation. The fact that the whole world used to be on streets and meet their families for condolences, that has not happened, which is why it doesn't give a sense of completion." 

Anupam further added, "Yesterday, Basu Chatterjee left the world and we couldn't go. I would have felt some sort of relief by being there for his family at such time but nothing was possible. And that's why the deaths in this pandemic and lockdown have been even more tragic. I do miss them."

Image Source:- instagram /irrfan/ neetu54/ 

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