Anupama Chopra, Rajeev Masand, Mayank Shekhar On The Impact Of COVID-19 On Bollywood- EXCLUSIVE AND INCISIVE

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Coronavirus is attacking mercilessly and there is no date when the curve will be flattened. In a very candid chat,  I invited three brilliant minds- Anupama Chopra,  Rajeev Masand and Mayank Shekhar- to discuss the impact of this crisis on Bollywood. 

Last evening,  we four met via zoom and each one of us was extremely concerned about the various repercussions COVID-19 may have on our movies. Naturally, movies means actors,  filmmakers, distributors and theatre-owners. 

We spoke about the clash of releases in 2020, the change in story-telling,  the possible paycuts in actor's fees,  the apprehension in returning to the cinema halls. The opinions were similar at times, but different too on many questions raised by me.

I think that everyone associated with films and media must see this. It is one of the most pragmatic and yet informative chats. CLICK ABOVE in case you still haven't. 

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