Anurag Kashyap Gets Into A Nasty Fight With Ashoke Pandit Over His ‘Daughter Rape Threat’ Tweet To PM Modi

With Narendra Modi coming to power one more time as the Prime Minister Of India, many are celebrating and others who didn’t support the Modi government are busy expressing their angst. A few minutes back, we brought to you Anurag Kashyap’s tweet to PM, where he did congratulate Modi for his victory but also informed him how a Modi Bhakt has sent a rape threat to his teenage daughter, Aaliyah. He had further asked the PM how to deal with such followers. For those unaware, Kashyap is a non-supporter of Modi government.

As soon as Kashyap posted the tweet, while many netizens supported him and condemned the act, social activist Ashoke Pandit replied to Kashyap’s tweet by writing, "This twitter handle seems to be photoshopped because it doesn’t exist. Seems to be created by an #UrbanNaxal to give an opportunity to somebody to abuse #Modi when the entire World is happy."

And then, right below his post, Pandit further commented, "If it’s true dn I am of d opinion,that ds act shud not be just condemned bt tackled. Similar thing hd hppnd with my dgthr, I md a police complaint regarding d miscreant and didn't helplessly crib to d PM bcoz for me, my daughter's dignity and safety meant more dn my politics (sic).”

This irritated Kashyap to no end and he replied to Pandit by writing, "Search for it on Instagram not on twitter you moron .. this is my daughter getting a threat a**h*le."

Not taking Kashyap’s foul behaviour lying down, Pandit lashed out, "Mind your language Mr. Kashyap. Read my very next tweet on the thread. Let’s file a complaint with the police and get him arrested than asking the PM what to do. I am sure you know that law enforcing agencies exist in this country of ours."

Not just this, Pandit also said that Kashyap was "sending him drunken texts" and that he was "in shock after the election results". He shared a screenshot of a conversation with Kashyap and wrote, "Clearly U r under shock after today’s election results. Drunk texting me abuses, tagging the wrong person on Twitter... please pass the joint quicker. Also tagging @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice so they can track chowkidar_ramsanghi_’ and take action."

Image Source : Koimoi, SpotboyE Team

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