ANURAG– The young lad acing the meme community by creating applaudable contents.


These days memes are one of the trending contents that you’ll get to see on social media that spectators enjoy a lot. But the fact which is admirable is the person behind creating such contents, they are among those who believe in spreading smiles over millions of faces which is praiseworthy. Among such personas who believe in spreading happiness one such is Anurag.

Anurag is a 21-year-old young lad from Punjab, India. He commenced his Instagram voyage a few years back. Being the Admin of an Instagram page named “Justnaughtycouples” with a huge fanbase of over 347K followers. His page is basically consecrated to the notion of creating meme content to make people laugh. But you know what the impressive thing is? He gives an ample amount of time to create extraordinary content for his followers which makes him stand apart from other creators of the same genre.

What makes Anurag worth praiseworthy is his ideology he firmly believes that “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. He believes in escaping the rat race of this world, to do something of his own that segregate him from the crowd. He utilizes his abilities in content creation and marketing to assist other brands by running promotion campaigns for them. He has worked with several renowned brands that comprise TIK-TOK, VIGO, and many others. He has served more than 500 brands and assists them by promoting them which include prominent brands of watches, shoes, clothing apparel, and countless stuff.

He believes that “the taste of success is the sweetest when you help others to grow as well”. For now, he is inferred to thrive his pages further on Instagram. Getting inspiration from numerous successful entrepreneurs, he is intending to invest money and evolve a well-known and inspiring identity and that’s where he is bossed, for sure. You can be in touch with him on his Instagram handle @anuragjasuja. For his successful future, we wish him Good Luck.

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