Is there anything wrong about my body? Celine Dion lashes out at body shamers

Washington D.C.: Canadian singer Celine Dion, who faced backlash because of her slimmed-down appearance, gave a befitting reply to the trollers.

The 'My Heart Will Go On' singer shared a message to her body shamers for their naive action.

"Is there anything wrong about my body," Dion told Entertainment Tonight at the opening night of her Courage Tour in Quebec, reported by Fox News.

"If you don't want to be criticized, you are in the wrong place," she told the outlet.

"I take the positive. I take what's good for me. I leave behind what is not good for me. I let my management take care of that, and if it hurts anyone, they will take care of that. And I need to focus on what's right for me, how I feel and, last but not least, you can't please everybody."

The 51-year-old musician explained that she does a lot to maintain that figure which includes ballet and "a lot of stretching." "When you go back, when I was 12 years old, my face was rounder because you have more fat when you're younger...But I've always been very thin," she said.

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