APAN Awards 2020 features BTS winning Daesang along with Blackpink and TWICE bagging other awards.

Kiona Rosh
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This Sunday which was January 24th, the winners of APAN Music Awards 2020 were declared. BTS had won the grand prize, while BLACKPINK was awarded the Best Music Video award. Apart from that, there were many more prizes mentioned. Check them out below.

The APAN Music Awards 2020 aired on Sunday, January 24. This annual awards function usually is aired in the second half of the year but due to the ongoing COVI-19 pandemic, it was scheduled for January . While popular vote levels the Top 10 artists, and the APAN Choice awards were previously declared there were several other awards which were announced on Sunday. BTS was awarded the Daesang which is the Grand Prize while BLACKPINK lifted the Best Music Video award.

BTS also won the Idol Champ Fan’s Pick – Group award and headlined in the Top 10 Artists category. BLACKPINK won the award for the Idol Champ Global Pick – Group. Other K-pop bands like TWICE, MONSTA X and NCT 127 also won a few awards. Individual artists like Kang Daniel and IU also had some victories at the award show.

Given below is the list for the APAN Music Awards 2020 Winners’:

1. Daesang which is The Grand Prize won by the BTS

2. Song of the Year won by Monstar X

3. Artist of the Year won by NCT 12

4. Album of the Year won by TWICE

5. Best K-Trot won by Jang Min Ho

6. New Wave Award won by the TREASURE, HYNN.

7.Best Music Video won by BLACKPINK

8. Top 10 Artists: Kang Daniel, The Boyz, MONSTA X, BTS, SEVENTEEN, IZ*ONE, Im Young Woong, GOT7, NCT 127, TWICE.