IT's Bill Skarsgård Compares Himself To Ledger's Joker

Rianne Houghton
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From Esquire UK

IT is one of the best traditional horror movies we've seen in a while, so much so that we're not too shocked that Bill Skarsgård is comparing himself to Heath Ledger.

Discussing the similarities and differences between his terrifying Pennywise and Heath's iconic portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight, Bill revealed who comes out on top for him in the fear stakes.

"I think that [the Joker is] far more based in reality," Skarsgård told PEOPLE. "[The Joker] is sort of this social anarchist, crazy person, and I don't think Pennywise is the same in that way.

"He's not even human, he's just pure evil."

But while Pennywise the Dancing Clown might be on a whole other plane than the Joker, Skarsgård did admit to dedicating himself to the role in a similar way to Heath.

"You need to access parts of yourself where you're thinking about what's the most disturbing or horrifying [thing to do], and then you have to commit to that," he explained.

Revealing that he had nightmares after filming for IT had wrapped, he added: "It was very strange, it was almost like a really slow exorcism to completely let go of him."

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