'Naamkarann Actress Nalini Negi Tried To Strangulate Me, Imagine I'd Looked After Her During Her Plastic Surgery,' Model Preeti Rana Lashes Out- EXCLUSIVE

2 flat mates fall apart. One had already spoken about her side. We get you the other side of the story by talking to Preeti Rana.


How did Nalini enter your life?

We both were looking for accommodation. A common broker arranged a meeting between us because in Lokhandwala, they usually rent out flats only to families. She made a plan that we’ll get the agreement made on the name of her father, we’ll make my mom as the Bua and I’ll be the bua ki beti. So that’s how we moved into the Lokhandwala apartment. As soon as the lock-in period of 6 months finished, the owner said that we need to vacate; his own daughter was moving in from the US. And then, we vacated the house.

Again, we started house hunting and worked out the same agreement ka plan. The reason why the agreement wasn’t being made on Nalini’s name is because there are criminal cases against her. I wasn’t aware about it at that point of time. After some time, we shifted together again in a new apartment.

Before you tell us about that, let me ask you if the house is only in her name?

If she is claiming that she provided shelter to me, let me say this that I have a much more successful career than her; FYI she is completely out of work. Her Naamkarann was several years back. Post that show, a police case was lodged against her. You will find all the footage of her robbery on the web. And as she has a criminal record, she never gets any house agreement signed on her name.

In the first house that we stayed together, my agreement was made with her father. But, in the second house, she had been delaying the agreement process by saying that she is too busy but it was I who was shooting 22 days in a month and travellling a lot as well. However in reality, she has got no work. In the one year that we stayed together, I think she hasn’t shot for more than 10 days.

There’s a show called Vish on Colors and Nalini went to shoot for it barely 5-6 days. Prior to this, she shot for one episode of Laal Ishq for which she went on set for just 2 days. And before that, she shot for a short film for only a day. So, not even 10 days in a year! She is just jealous of me because I’m doing so many endorsements, I have a name in the catalogue world and endorsing many brands in Dubai, Thailand and doing TVCs as well.

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How did the fights actually begin?
It all began from the house-warming party that was held in our second apartment wherein Nalini invited her friends from the industry. We had clicked a group picture and the next day, the creative team asked the director for me. They wanted to cast me in a serial. Without my knowledge, Nalini told them that I’m not interested. And then, she told me that she conveyed this to them! I understood that she is not comfortable with me. Then, one of her ex-bfs had texted me a ‘Hi’ and I informed her. She told me that I should have blocked him immediately. Then, some time back, I bagged an award for the most versatile model and on chat, she said to me, ‘Arey, tumne aisa konsa bada kaam kar diya ki tumhe award mila?’ Nalini was depressed as she wasn’t getting work and because of that some 5-6 months back, she even got a plastic surgery done on herself. During that time, I took time off from my work to be with her for 10 days.

What was the surgery about?
Nalini wanted her eyes to look a little bigger and you can clarify this with the doctor too. I even have pictures of feeding her during that time. So, I feel heartbroken that someone like her could do this to me. I used to treat her like my sister. I stood for her in her bad times. Let me tell you about another incident. A few months back, one of her close friends’ birthday parties happened and that friend used to often visit our house. The friend asked me and one of my friends to come for the party, but we didn’t know Nalini didn’t want and was back-biting about me. After this, some of our common friends blocked her. Jealousy began from there and went on increasing. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

Nalini has accused you and your mother of being violent with her. She even put up pictures with bruise marks on her face…

Now, I’ll tell you what happened on Aug 16. Somebody puked in my basin. I asked Nalini if it was she or her friend Chesta. I requested them to clean the basin. She started arguing. The next moment, she tried to strangulate me. I was shocked and I asked her how could she touch me? Post that also, she continued attacking me. My friend Aishwarya and her friend Chesta tried intervening and saving the situation. During this fight, she even threw my phone away, so my mobile got damaged.

After this incident, I immediately went to the cops at Oshiwara police station and filed a complaint. Nalini is not telling the truth and people need to see it (shows the complaint copy). I’m sure the police must have called and warned her too. I told the cops that I��m scared for my life and they gave me a number and asked me to contact on it, in case anything happens. Then, my friend suggested that since this girl has attacked me, I should call my mother over for my safety. On 18th, my mother came. I blocked Nalini on the same day that she attacked me.

Then on 21st, I went for a meeting at Green Village Café as I had a movie narration. While heading out I noticed that Nalini’s laundry bucket was kept inside my bathroom. Now, when we are no longer on talking terms, why would she use my bathroom? Without creating any fuss, I kept the laundry bucket outside and left for my meeting. After my meeting, I got a call from my friend Aishwarya that please come fast as Nalini has started a fight with your mother. As soon as I entered, I saw Nalini abusing my mother, who is suffering from spondylitis. I asked my mom what happened and she told me that Nalini threw out our clothes from the washing machine. That’s when I asked why did she keep her laundry bucket in my bathroom? She started shouting on the top of her voice and started saying things like ‘Tu nikal yahan se’. I picked the laundry bucket and went to keep it in her room and that’s when she pushed me and I fell on her bed. Then, she jumped on me and again she tried to hold my neck and strangulate me. Seeing this happen, my mother just held her and tried to push her behind to save me. All of a sudden Nalini started attacking my mother. This girl is extremely violent and psycho and she can go to any lengths. I will show you my mom’s medical report too (shows the report).

Nalini said that you and your mother tried to ruin her face…
If this had really happened, I would have been behind bars now.

What did you do after she hit your mother?
I immediately called up the police and on seeing that, Nalini locked herself up inside the room. I told this to the cops as well. So, I guess whatever work she has done on her face, those fake bruises etc, it’s all done inside the room. She even called her lawyer at the same time. Then, Chesta Bhagat called the cops because Nalini was busy calling her lawyer. She basically wanted to make a plan to plant false allegations against me.

We hear, Nalini has told the watchmen in your building to not let you enter…
Yes, she wasn’t even letting my food come. I even have recordings of the watchmen where he is saying that he has been asked to not let me enter the house.

So, where are you staying now?

I’m staying at Marine Lines now with my brother. And whenever I had to go back to that house to collect my belongings, I make sure there was a lady constable with me because I was afraid that Nalini would attack me again.

We hear, you’re signing a couple of movies soon?

Yes, I have almost signed 2 movies and I’m doing 3 music albums. If you take a look at mine and her career graph, it’s natural that she is jealous if I may add so.

If you get a film which has Nalini in it would you sign it?
I think you need to keep your personal and professional lives separate. If I like the script, I would definitely do the film. It is my duty as an actor/ model to do justice to my job.

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