'School Girl's Skirt Lifted Up' Scene In Commando 3: After SpotboyE, Wrestler Sushil Kumar Now Asks For Its Deletion; We Raise The Demand Again - EXCLUSIVE

I was extremely disturbed when I saw Commando 3. That it was a bad film goes without saying- and nothing of it should have stayed in mind. But something did, something that still rattles me- that scene where a wrestler who has obviously turned into a hooligan stops a school-going girl and lifts up her skirt. Worse, the girl's thighs are shown.

And why was this done? Simply to glorify Vidyut Jammwal's entry scene, who flies in to send the wrestler sprawling! Lo main aa gaya!


We had then categorically stated that the Censor Board was apparently sleeping when they were being shown Commando 3. And, Vidyut had been very irresponsible in not telling the makers- Aditya Datt (director) and Vipul Amrutlal Shah (producer) that such a scene is highly distasteful.


The makers had even out that scene online, a day before release- a cheap marketing gimmick what else! But Vipul Amrutlal Shah had then said, "Innovation is the key to reach out today to the audience, we have decided to take a bold step to put out a 5 minute clip of the film as it is. It is a gamble but it's our belief that after watching this clip audience will be compelled to see the film. Fingers crossed.” Well, we are sure that a very scarce amount of audience came to watch this film. Thank heavens for that! And Mr Shah, if this is what you call innovation, I shudder to think what would be gross for you.


Now, India's wrestler- two-times Olympic medallist- Sushil Kumar has come out in objection. Sushil says that the scene depicted the wrestlers in poor light. Writes Talking to ANI, Sushil has said, "I condemn the portrayal of wrestlers in the movie, Commando 3. Wrestlers are decent and disciplined. The filmmakers haven't done research on how wrestlers conduct themselves. Demand the removal of the objectionable scene."

Well done, Sushil. That was quite a punch. I wish we had more like you. We would have been a far more sensitive nation.


Instead of deleting the scene in question, the makers are busy getting FULL PAGE advertisements of the few good reviews they've got!

Can someone take action even now? It's never too late.

Image Source:-Youtube/RelianceEntertainment

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