'Shabana Azmi Had Been Sedated When I Visited Her, She Is Stable But Under Observation For 48 Hours,' Says Satish Kaushik- EXCLUSIVE

Visitors are coming in at Kokilaben Hospital in Andheri to see Shabana Azmi who has been admitted there, since last night. The CT scan taken at MGM Hospital (where she was rushed after the mishap of her car ramming into a truck, last afternoon) and a repeat done at Kokilaben (where she was later shifted) was okay, but I could not talk to her when I reached the hospital at 10 pm, yesterday," says Satish Kaushik who was present around the same time as Farhan Akhtar, Anil Kapoor and Tabu paid a visit to see the senior actress.

Shabana is in the ICU. "She has also hurt herself around the eye. She has been kept under observation for 48 hours," Kaushik said, sounding extremely concerned but firmly added, "She will be fine, soon." ALSO READ: Shabana Azmi Car Accident: 'She Has Injured Her Neck, We Are Rushing Her For A CT Scan And Ultrasonography', Say MGM Hospital Officials- EXCLUSIVE


Shabana's driver, who was also injured, has been booked for rash driving as reportedly, he had tried to overtake a truck ahead of him, from the left. It has now been confirmed that Javed Akhtar was not travelling in the same car as earlier reports had suggested.


"Javed saab was in another car which was travelling behind Shabanaji's. He must have come to know about the accident when his car reached the site where the accident happened. It is imperative that we all learn to go slow on our highways. Neither we are in Europe nor our cars are sufficently equipped to race. I always tell my driver to not exceed 70 km/hr," Kaushik added. ALSO READ: Shabana Azmi Injured In A Car Accident On Mumbai-Pune Express Highway

MGM hospital had told SpotboyE.com yesterday around 6 pm that Shabana had been sent for an Ultrasonography and had hurt herself in the neck region

India prays for the legendary actress' fast recovery.

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