Apple have finally sorted Face ID so it'll work if you're wearing a mask

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Photo credit: LUIS ALVAREZ - Getty Images
Photo credit: LUIS ALVAREZ - Getty Images

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By now, we're all well and truly familiar with the struggle: the Face ID function on your Apple iPhone refuses to recognise you when you're wearing a protective face mask, so you have to - urgh! - type in your unlocking passcode instead. The end of the world? Absolutely not. But... annoying? Definitely. However, it seems a solution is finally at hand... but it could cost you.

According to a new report from Pocket-Lint, a gadget review and tech site, the Apple team hope to have solved the problem with their new iOS 14.5 update (the release date for which is still TBC). They explain that if your iPhone is updated, then paired with an Apple Watch, that it should happily unlock whether or not you're wearing a mask.

That said, the Apple Watch must be synced with the phone you're trying to open and must be unlocked itself. So, y'know, a few hoops to jump through before those carefree days of simply taking your phone out of your pocket, watching it go "Omg! My owner! I know her, I know her!" and unlocking to reveal your home screen, return.

It's also believed this new watch-to-the-rescue solution will work for those who want to use Apple Pay (which currently requires you to remove your mask in a shop in order for it to work, thus somewhat defeating the point of having the protective layer on in the first place).

Photo credit: andresr - Getty Images
Photo credit: andresr - Getty Images

And while we're on the subject of masks, another interesting thing we learnt bout them recently was that if yours gets wet the effectiveness of it drops considerably, so it's best to seek out a fresh one ASAP.

Ready for more? Equally, if you're a glasses-wearer who struggles to stop your specs from steaming up while wearing a mask, or are a person who finds masks constantly slip for you, there's a little trick you can try too: using a plaster over the bridge of your nose (it's doctor-approved).

Whilst we jest about how annoying it is that our phones don't recognise us, or that our glasses are steamier than a spa, it's all worth it in the long-run – so take this as your daily reminder to keep on wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of coronavirus!

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