Apple TV+'s 'Dickinson' Season 2 unfolds more of poetess' mystery

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Apple TV+

14 Jan 2021: Apple TV+'s 'Dickinson' Season 2 unfolds more of poetess' mystery

Emily Dickinson was ahead of her time.

History stands witness to the genius of this underrated poetess, who had written almost 1,800 poems, but very few of those have been published under her name.

Literary experts feel that most of her works were published without giving her attribution.

Dickinson, a series by Apple TV+, explores her. And, its second season started airing last week.

Reception: Hailee Steinfeld plays the poetess interestingly and critically well

The first season of the show has achieved critical acclaim, with Hailee Steinfeld playing the lead role of the poetess.

One of the most prominent highlights of the first season shows the encounter of Dickinson with "Death" being played by hip hop star Wiz Khalifa.

That erotic encounter was lapped up, while scholars studying Dickinson's works admit that the show has its theme right.

Details: S02 based on her poem, 'Fame Is a Fickle Food'

The second season harps on the concept of fame and the idea of celebrity status, which series creator Alena Smith explains, eluded Dickinson unfortunately throughout her life.

"She was more known in her time as a baker and a gardener than she was as a poet," said Smith, who has based the next season on Dickinson's poem, Fame Is a Fickle Food.

Fact: Only 10 poems were published while Dickinson was alive

According to Smith, Dickinson was not only well aware of celebrity status but also realized during an interaction with popular singer Jenny Lind that she could also have become a celebrity in her own right.

But luck had other plans, as only 10 of her poems were published while she was alive, after which her body of work got embroiled within editorial disagreements.

Data: Three episodes of Season 2 have already been streamed

Dickinson's last 12 years were filled with the loss of dear ones, starting with the death of her father Edward Dickinson in 1874 followed by the demise of her favorite correspondent Samuel Bowles and novelist Mary Ann Evans took place in 1878 and 1880, respectively.

Dickinson's Season 2 will have ten episodes, with each lasting some 34 minutes.

The new episodes release on Fridays.

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