How To Apply Passport For Infants In India?

Priyanka chhabria
How To Apply Passport For Infants In India?

Wanderlust is the new life motivation nowadays and we mothers need frequent vacations more than anyone. After having a baby our life becomes a roller costar ride and day and night become indistinguishable. A break from daily hassle relaxes us and pumps us with energy. If you are planning to go out of India for a trip, you will obviously need passport of baby too. It’s better to get the procedure done before hand to avoid any rush at last minute.


How to apply passport for infants in India?


You just need to follow the steps mentioned below to apply for passport for infant.

Birth Certificate:

The most important and only document you need is the  birth certificate of the baby. After the baby is born, the hospital gives you facility to fill the form and submit instantly. But in case you have not decided the name, you can apply by yourself at municipal office. It will take a week or two to get to you. You need to be very careful with spellings and details. Otherwise you will have to redo everything.

Register at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) online:

Once you have a copy of birth certificate, register an online account in the name of the child at passport website. Make sure the spellings are correct and you have given a valid email id. The account gets activated after you fill the passport form sent by passport website on your email.

Choose the nearest PSK while filling the form.



Most of the PSK allow you walk-in appointment when it is infant’s/ baby’s application. But it is always good to check before hand, as some PSKs require an appointment.

What documents I need to carry with me?

  • Birth certificate of the baby.
  • Address proof is second important document you will need. In case both the parents have passport, carry it with you. It has all the required proofs. You can carry voter ID or Aadhar card also.
  • Passport size photo of the baby would be needed. It must be with white background. Carry multiple copies to avoid any last minute trouble.
  • Annexure H should be printed by the parents, filled, signed and carried to the Passport Seva Kendra.
  • A copy of appointment receipt issued after making the online or e-challan payment is must to carry.


Additionally you may carry your marriage certificate. In case of passport of the baby, parents attest all the documents. The fee of the complete procedure is 1000 rs. And generally passport reaches you within 4-5 days by post.

Another important thing is that police verification is needed for baby’s passport.

So the procedure is simple and does not require middleman. Just have all the documents handy and always carry multiple copies.

What if one parent does not have a passport?


If only one parent has a passport, then it must have endorsement of spouse’s name on it.

However if this condition is not fulfilled or both parents don’t have passport then also you can apply for passport of the minor (even infant/ toddler). The documents you will need are:


  • Valid address proof
  • Identity proof of the parents
  • Annexure D of the passport application must be filled in and signed by both the parents.

Passport of parents alleviates the need of the police verification. So in this case police verification is conducted.


What if one parent does not have an Adhaar card?

Adhaar card is not mandatory document while applying for passport.


What procedure needs to be followed if name on passport is maiden name of mom?


In this case:


  • Father’s name must be mentioned in the birth certificate.
  • Attach a copy of marriage certificate
  • In the extras section of the form, write a note explaining your situation.

Baby’s mother’s name is different on birth certificate and on passport. What should I do?


In this case the name on the passport will be considered. So fill the passport form with the name on her passport.


What if marriage is not registered?


If you have passports of both (parents), then marriage certificate is not required. If you don’t have passport then identity proof of parents and address proof are the documents required.


What is the procedure for separated couple?


In this case the parent with custody can apply for baby’s passport. In case of joint custody, consent of both parents is required.


According to new rules, single mothers can apply for passports for their children without the father's signature. There's no such demand regarding the mother's signature from single fathers - it's only for the ladies.


My husband is abroad and I am in India. How to obtain a passport for our child?


If your passport has your spouse’s name endorsed then it is not a problem. You just have to fill and attest annexure H.

If not, then you need a copy of husband’s passport attested by him and annexure C and D along with marriage certificate is required.


Can I apply for passport if I live in a rented house?


Yes, you can apply for passport. You need to give address proof and mention you live in rented house. You will get passport after police verification. If you have not completed one year in the rented house, then police will verify at all addresses you have lived in past one year.

You need to fill your current address as you will receive the passport at current address.


How to apply for change in address in passport?


  • You need to apply for re-issue of passport.
  • Register using existing user option. You will have to create a login id and password. Activate your application after you receive the mail. Log in and fill the updated details in the downloaded form and then submit.
  • Pay and schedule the appointment.