With April 14 on mind, UT readies for post-lockdown

Hina Rohtaki
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The strategy states that all restaurants will be allowed to open but with riders that there will only be takeaway or doorstep delivery at the moment said UT Adviser Manoj Parida. (Representational Photo)

WHENEVER THE lockdown ends, things won’t be back to normal immediately. The Chandigarh Administration has prepared the draft of post- lockdown relaxation strategy that people need to follow so as to check the spread of COVID-19.

According to the draft plan, all places of worship, recreation, leisure, public parks and tourist spots will remain closed till May 31, a tentative date. The date will vary and depend on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement on April 14.

The strategy states that all restaurants will be allowed to open but with riders that there will only be takeaway or doorstep delivery at the moment. This has been done to ensure that the restaurant industry too doesn’t suffer any economic losses. However, staff allowed will be limited in the initial phase. Restaurants may chalk out a policy like certain staff on alternative days.

While speaking to Chandigarh Newsline, UT Adviser Manoj Parida said, “We are still working on the plan. If we don’t get more positive cases now, these things will be in place. Otherwise, curfew shall be extended with just minor exemptions. Governor will decide.”

Public transport and offices

Also, it has been mulled that only 20 per cent public transport will function with limited seating capacity depending upon the situation. Only limited buses will continue to ply, the number of which will be fixed later.

The staff that can continue to work from home will continue this practice. However, offices where staff have to go to the office. In that case only 25 per cent of the entire staff shall be allowed, as per the rough draft.

Alternative opening for markets

Markets and neighbourhood areas will open but with restricted access. The administration is mulling to chalk out a schedule with market associations and draw up a market opening schedule so that alternative sites are open — one at a time.

Essential services will continue but with strict observance of social distancing. Movement of essential or non-essential cargo shall be allowed freely but with limited persons.

Bikes, autos, taxis

Though initially for one phase only those people will be allowed to travel whose work is of urgent nature, when it comes to plying of bikes, only one person on bike shall be allowed and no pillion riding. There may be initial restrictions on autorickshaws but when allowed only one person shall be permitted to travel in that other than the driver and in case of taxi, only two persons. These shall be within limited hours only, for example from 8 am to 6 pm.

Police will continue to enforce restrictions regarding needless travel. Restrictions will continue on movement of individuals by private vehicles except on authority of permit.

Industries and manufacturing units

As of now, the draft states that all manufacturing units shall be allowed to function so that the production doesn’t suffer. But it will be there with everyone following strict COVID protocol.

The administration is mulling that the thermal screening and sanitisation of labour be done every day and possibilities are being chalked out that staff may stay within the campus. The purpose is to restrict commuting. Breaks on rotation basis be allowed.

Social and religious congregation

Complete restrictions on all sorts of social and religious restrictions will be in place till May 31, a tentative date. It may vary depending on the Centre’s call.

Schools and colleges

As of now, early summer vacation is being mulled over by the administration for schools and colleges. Dates shall be adjusted accordingly.