Apurva Saxena Reveals How She Has Grown As A Successful Blogger Over The Years


Apurva Saxena is one of the well known names in the blogging world. She has been a travel, tourism, fashion, beauty and smart gadgets blogger since 2008. Born on March 27, 1989, in Delhi, she completed her schooling from Ahlcon Public School and did her graduation in English Hons from Delhi University. She has also done a diploma course in professional cinematography under MAAC which is affiliated with Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

She is a woman with diverse talents. Before becoming a full-time blogger, she worked as a fashion features writer for Indiaah Magazine. She has worked as a content creator for Faballey.com and worked as an assistant stylist under Aaditya Walia (former Vogue India Stylist). Not just this, she is also a content features writer at WeddingWire.in. Apart from being into the fashion industry, Apurva had also tried her hand into teaching and has been a freelance graphic designer and 3D artist as well.

Being a digital content creator, she always spent time on the internet learning about bloggers who shared a part of their lives through digital diaries. That’s what caught the attention of Apurva to become a blogger. The colourful blogs, beautiful write-ups and relatable information intrigued her to become a blogger. The thing which began as a side hobby took her on a journey which saw her becoming a full-time blogger. Convincing her parents about the profession was a bit difficult for her. “I remember how difficult it was for me to describe blogging to my parents and my relatives, who had no knowledge of it”, she said. Recollecting the initial days of her career, she got nostalgic about the bloggers meet-up where she met many emerging bloggers of Delhi then whom she is still in touch with today.

Her blog is named ‘Kalapalette’ which is a combination of two words. ‘Kala’ meaning art and ‘Palette’ meaning her blog where she adds different colours of content digitally. The career path of 30-year old blogger has seen an upward trend. Becoming a blogger has made her explore different places and given her new experiences in life. She has been a part of blogging since 10 year now. Today Apurva Saxena is at the peak of her career and she feels blessed because the brands recognize her and are keen to collaborate with her.

The best thing she feels about being a blogger is the fact that every day is a new experience and a fresh start. She feels every day is a new opportunity for her with no dull days. With travel being her passion, she believes to be a responsible traveller. During her recent trip to Ladakh, she ditched single-use plastic bottles to not harm the environment. Moreover, being a smart worker which she is, she collaborates with several fashion and beauty brands during her travel and thus promotes both – her travel blog and her collaboration with the fashion brands. She promoted body butter and creamy makeup products in Ladakh as it is a dry land where matte and lotions usually don’t last.

With having a wide social media presence, Apurva Saxena strongly believes quality over quantity content and that’s what makes her stand out from all. Giving a special message to all her admirers, she said, “Belief in yourself before believing in anything else. Be kind to yourself and focus on listening to your body rather than trying to imitate someone else. Focus on using makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Focus on self-styling that you feel confident and comfortable in. Focus on travelling to live life for self, not just the gram. Only then you can be an influencer to the people.”

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