Aquaconnect, only Indian Startup bags Indonesia Innovator Award 2019 for using AI for Aqua-Farmers

Aquaconnect, the only Indian startup who won innovator award 2019 in Indonesia and now it’s ready to sail to the Indonesian market.

Aquaconnect is promoting sustainable fish and shrimp (seafood) farming and aims at helping farmers increase their productivity and rural employment through artificial intelligence(The app FarmMOJO)

Aquaconnect entered Indonesian seafood innovation project.

In late 2018, SIP placed a global call for innovations with the potential to improve Indonesia’s seafood sector in three challenge areas: Innovative financing, novel technologies, and market demand creation.

There were 80 startups that applied for the prestigious honour. After a rigorous selection process, informed and supported by seafood sector experts, sustainability specialists & business professionals, there were 6 innovators chosen for the program.

Rajamanohar, Co-founder of Aqua connect Said “The Seafood Innovation Project is building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Indonesia. Through collaboration with a range of stakeholders, the SeafoodInnovation Project will accelerate innovative solutions to achieve a sustainable economy, and build resilient communities engaged in the Indonesian fisheries sector”.

“ The initiative was supported by The Indonesian Government, Seafood sector, Australian Government (Department of Foreign affairs andTrade)”. He added

Rajamanohar was invited to participate the kickoff event in Bali, Indonesia in April 2019. Aquaconnect presented their ‘AI powered FarmMOJO’ app among the SIP gathering.they shall be provided with 8-month accelerator program, office space, access to both local and global mentors, pro bono legal advice, marketing support, and access to small grants. At the end of the program, companies will be deeply embedded in a Global sustainable seafood innovation ecosystem.